Safer Supervision Coalition Logo & Branding

The Safer Supervision Coalition is a bipartisan, citizen-led organization of individuals and groups committed to public safety and prosperous communities. They believe reforming federal supervised release by implementing evidence-based policies will lower recidivism, incentivize successful reentry, reduce familial and workforce instability, and increase safety. Federal supervised release was intended to provide additional monitoring and assistance in special cases when an individual required more support in their reentry.  Our Supreme Court has explained that it was intended to be reserved “for those, and only those, who needed it.” 

However, in practice, the use of federal supervised release has ballooned dramatically and is now imposed in virtually every case of federal incarceration.

The goal of the Safer Supervision Coalition is to restore the system to its original purpose to deter future crime and support successful reentry, while reducing wasteful spending and cutting needless bureaucracy so that we all win. 

For this project, we wanted to focus on a strong, bipartisan mark. The color palette has a touch of yellow added to the branding as a nod to REFORM Alliance's work in probation and parole reform.