Resolute: The Fight for Abortion Equity

It is Planned Parenthood’s mission to ensure every person can get the care they need to stay well, make informed decisions about their bodies, and be in control of their lives and their futures. Access to abortion is central to this mission — and the fight for patients’ right to the full range of sexual and reproductive health care has never been more vital. Access means access for all: It’s not just the legal and moral right to receive abortion care — it’s making sure that care is truly within reach for anyone who seeks it. That’s abortion equity.

Resolute: The Fight for Abortion Equity is a $200 million capital fundraising campaign launching in 2021. Our team was integral in the design and art direction of the campaign — I created the wordmark, brand voice, printed case, letterhead, presentation decks, and ancillary one-pages for gift officers. I also provided design direction on the video for the campaign.

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