Pregnancy Justice — Confronting Pregnancy Criminalization Toolkit

For decades, pregnant people across America have been subjected to criminalization and deprivations of liberty on the basis of pregnancy or pregnancy outcomes. Women have been targeted by police and prosecutors, healthcare providers, child welfare workers, and judges who have sought to deprive them of their constitutional rights in the name of "fetal personhood." Confronting Pregnancy Criminalization: A Practical Guide for Healthcare Providers, Lawyers, Medical Examiners, Child Welfare Workers, and Policymakers arms professionals with the tools to end this criminalization.

Since the 1973 Roe ruling through 2020, Pregnancy Justice (formerly National Advocates for Pregnant Women) has documented more than 1,700 instances across the country in which women have been arrested, prosecuted, convicted, detained, or forced to undergo medical interventions because of their pregnancy status or outcomes. 

I designed this toolkit to be a modular system. Overall, there are 78 pages in total with multiple callouts and endnotes. The guide was designed to be given out as either one full system or separately to various industry professionals. The toolkit was released in June 2022 after the fall of Roe. It was featured on prominent news sites including The NationMarie Claire, Ms. Magazineand Rolling Stone.